FSS Student Council

What is the FSC

The FSS Student Council is the body for input of the Faculty of Social Sciences, representing all the 3000 students. The Student Council is in that way an important body of the faculty which can affect the faculty policy on behalf of all students. It is important for the Faculty Student Council that we target the interests and concerns of the students and give those concerns and interests a central place within the faculty policy. Qualitative education, a proper connection to the labour market, transparancy and cooperation are our cornerstones for the faculty policy.

The FSC has to work together with other parties like the Faculty Board to improve the quality of education.

Who are the members of the Faculty Student Council?

  • Chairman: Sanne-Minouk van den Broek (Third year Public Administration and Organizational Sciences)
  • Vice-Chairman-Secretary: Esther Veefkind (Education in Human and Society Sciences)
  • Commissary of Projects-Treasurer: Megiel Kerkhoven (Third Sociology
  • Commissary of Communication: Yousif Salhi (Second year Public Administration and Organizational Sciences)
  • Commissary of Internationalisation and Research: Thijmen Santen (Third year Public Administration and Organizational Sciences)
  • Commissary of Bachelor Education: Loes Mik (Third year Political Sciences)
  • Commissary of Master Education: Sanne Veeneman (Public Administration)

FSR 2018-2019
From left to right: Esther Veefkind, Loes Mik, Thijmen Santen, Sanne-Minouk van den Broek, Megiel Kerkhoven, Sanne Veeneman, Yousif Salhi.

Policy plan

Do you want to know what the cornerstones of the FSC are this year? Read our Policy Plan to find out!

How and how to reach us

The FSC is the voice of the student. Are you a student at the FSS? Then help us out!
Do you have complaints, questions or ideas? Or do you want to know what is going on within the Faculty? Come by our office or send us an e-mail!

Postaddress: De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam
Room: HG 1A-62, Main Building
Canvas: Facultaire Studenten Raad Sociale Wetenschappen
Email: fsr.fsw@vu.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fsw.studentenraad