Student Council Faculty of Social Sciences

What is the student council of the Faculty of Social Sciences?

The student council of the Faculty of Social Sciences is the official representative of the 3000 students who are studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The student council is democratically chosen and is therefore an important representation of all students. As a student council we represent the interests of all students of the Faculty Social Sciences in important meetings, for example with the Faculty Board. The student council has certain rights: the right to approve and to advise. With these rights we can influence the policy of the Faculty. You can think of educational issues, like the method of examination and practical issues, like the availability of educational facilities. In order to improve the quality of the education the student council has to work together with other involved parties like the Faculty Board and the Personnel Committee (delegation of staff).

Who are the members of the Faculty Student Council?

  • President: Demi Leakat
  • Vice President: Julia van den Heuvel
  • Secretary & Questor: Kata Rakić
  • Bachelor coordinator: Ihsane Akka
  • Master coordinator: Levent Soysal
  • Research & internationalisation coordinator: Sozjaar Sirini
  • Project coordinator: Puck Boer


Up from left to right: Demi, Julia, Kata, Levent
Bottom: Ihsane, Sozjaar, Puck

Policy plan

Are you curious about what we are up tot he academic year? Read our Policyplan 2017-2018

How to contact us

Postaddress: De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam
Room: HG 1A-62, Main Building
Canvas: Facultaire Studenten Raad Sociale Wetenschappen

If you have question, complaints, tips or if you want to meet with one of the councilors you can send an email to or you can send us a Facebook message (FSR Sociale wetenschappen).