Alumni stories

Below are some stories of graduates in Culture, Organization and Management, Political Science and Social and Cultural Anthropology, about their experiences after university:

Svetla-PS-tabelSvetla Baeva, aged 27 
Researcher and Communications officer at the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
Graduated in 2010 in Political Science: International Relations
Andris-PS-tabelAndris Banka, aged 27 
Project Assistant at Security and Defence Agenda
Graduated in 2011 in Political Science: International Relations and Transnational Governance
Vadim-Biryukov-PS-GEG-tabelVadim Biryukov
Governmental Relations and Public Affairs specialist at Grayling  
Graduated in Master’s programme in Political Science: Global Environmental Governance
Halleh Ghorashi, aged 44
Chair in Management of Diversity and Integration at VU University Amsterdam 
Graduated in 1994 in Social and Cultural Anthropology
Erika-COM-tabelErika Guanilo, aged 30 
Human Resources Coordinator at Unilever Peru and Part-time Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at Lima University
Graduated in 2010 in Culture, Organization and Management
Mathias-Aguirre-Havgar-PS-tabelMathias Aguirre Havgar
Project Manager at Arena Eyde  
Graduated in Master’s programme in Political Science: International Relations & Transnational Governance
Hadewych Hazelzet, aged 35
Secretary General Officer for the Council of the European Union
Graduated in 1995 in Political Science
Hermen Ormel, aged 43
Senior advisor on HIV/AIDS in Namibia 
Graduated in 1991 in Social and Cultural Anthropology
Sonia-COM-tabelSonia Plaszewska, aged 24 
Research Assistant at ABN AMRO
Graduated in 2011 in Culture Organization and Management
Bas Rozenmuller, aged 37 
Technical advisor for the International Labour Organization in Vietnam
Graduated in 1996 in Culture, Organization and Management
Martin Sloot, aged 39
Operational Advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières
Graduated in 1992 in Political Science
Mihnea Stoica-thumbnailMihnea Stoica
Parliamentary adviser for a Member of the Romanian Parliament
Graduated Political Science, specialization Comparative European Politics
Magali-COM-tabelMagili Toussaint
HR consultant at Diversity Source Manager
Graduated in Culture, Organization and Management
Marieke Veeger, aged 29 
Junior Advisor for the Bolivian NGO AIPE 
Graduated in 2005 in Culture, Organization and Management
Maja-SCA-tabelMaja Waters Senneseth, aged 31 
Refugee Coordinator at the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Organization
Graduated in 2009 in Social and Cultural Anthropology