Job Perspectives

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Job perspectives bachelor Communication Science

As a bachelor in Communication Science, you are very broadly educated. You can critically evaluate various communications, substantiate both verbally and textually why you evaluate these communications as such, and value the importance of communication.

A lot of students decide to pursue a master after they have completed their bachelor in Communication Science and this bachelor provides an excellent starting point for that. You can immediately enter a master in Communication Science or Policy, Communication and Organization. In addition to that, you have immediate access to a number of other master as well. 

During the bachelor Communication Science you acquire a broad range of skills. You will learn to write and present like an academic, think critically, argue, and value information. This will proof highly valuable in a working function as a communication expert, spokesman, copywriter, or marketeer. Other graduates applied their knowledge of communication processes and their academic level of working and thinking as a consultant, strategist, or manager in business.

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Job perspectives master Communication Science

As a master in Communication Science you usually find a adequate job relatively soon. At the end of your master, you will be able to take a critical look at various communication issues. You will understand communication processes in both societal, organizational and individual contexts. You will be able to recognize communication problems and know how to solve them.

To develop an effective communication strategy, you need to know an organization, product or service rather well. As such, you often have to gain a few years of experience before you reach the level you had in mind. This master in Communication Science provides you with the right tools to improve your professional skills and develop yourself further as an individual.

Graduates often find a job in business services, such as a marketing or advertising. Others end up in educational jobs, work at social services or media agencies, or work for the government.

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