Dr. Christian Burgers

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling communicatiewetenschap )
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Christian Burgers is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Studies at VU University Amsterdam. In 2010, he defended his PhD dissertation in the field of Communication and Information Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen. Since 2009, he has worked at the Department of Communication Studies, first as a Lecturer and currently as an Assistant Professor. 

His research focuses on indirect language, in particular on figurative language such as metaphor, hyperbole and irony. Christian Burgers studies the use and effects of metaphor, hyperbole and irony across domains of discourse (e.g., political communication, health communication, persuasive communication, interpersonal communication). He currently works on his project “Figurative Framing” (2014-2018), for which he received a VENI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Christian Burgers has published in important international scientific journals in communication (e.g., Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Journal of Language and Social Psychology), linguistics (e.g., Metaphor and Symbol, Journal of Pragmatics), and other fields (e.g., Patient Education and Counseling, PLoS One).



  • Figurative language (metaphor, hyperbole, irony)
  • Language in health and persuasive communication
  • Verbal feedback


Current research


Current teaching

  • Gezondheidsvoorlichting (MA)
  • Marketingcommunicatie 2.0 (BA)
  • Supervision MA theses


Representative publications

  • Burgers, C., & Beukeboom, C.J. (in press). Stereotype transmission and maintenance through interpersonal communication: The Irony Bias. Communication Research.
    doi: 10.1177/0093650214534975
  • Burgers, C., Beukeboom, C.J., Kelder, M., & Peeters, M.M.E. (2015). How sports fans forge intergroup competition through language: The case of verbal irony. Human Communication Research, 41(3), 435-457.
    doi: 10.1111/hcre.12052
  • Burgers, C., Konijn, E.A., Steen, G.J., & Iepsma, M.A.R. (2015). Making ads less complex, yet more creative and persuasive: The effects of conventional metaphors and irony in print advertising. International Journal of Advertising, 34(3), 515-532.
    doi: 10.1080/02650487.2014.996200
  • Burgers, C., Beukeboom, C.J., & Sparks, L. (2012). How the doc should (not) talk: When breaking bad news with negations influences patients’ immediate responses and medical adherence intentions. Patient Education and Counseling, 89(2), 267-273.
    doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2012.08.008
  • Burgers, C., van Mulken, M., & Schellens, P.J. (2011). Finding irony: An introduction of the Verbal Irony Procedure (VIP). Metaphor and Symbol, 26(3), 186-205.
    doi: 10.1080/10926488.2011.583194

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