Dr. André P.M. Krouwel

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faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling communicatiewetenschap )
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André Krouwel (1964) teaches political science and communication at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is Academic Director of Kieskompas (Election Compass). Krouwel’s research focuses on political parties and elections. He wrote his PhD on the transformation of political parties in Western Europe. His most recent book is Party Transformations in European democracies at SUNY Press.

Krouwel’s publications focus in particular on the changing character and role of political parties in European democracies and the rise (and fall) of new political parties and political ‘entrepreneurs’. More recent work also analyses (negative) political attitudes such as political cynicism, EU-rejectionism and anti-establishment Euro attitudes of voters across Europe. Krouwel has published articles and book chapters on online opinion polling, parliamentary and presidential election campaigns, voting behaviour, political parties and social movements. Political transitions also feature in his work, from the political institution-building processes and democratisation in East and Central Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Arab Uprisings.

Krouwel’s interest in finding practical applications for scientific knowledge led to the development of an online party profiling application – Election Compass (Kieskompas). Such Vote Advice Applications allow voters to determine which political party is closest tot their own policy preferences. Used by millions of voters in more than 40 countries, Election Compass projects collect large N non-probability samples that offer unique opportunities to study the decision-making mechanisms behind party choice.

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  • Political Parties
  • Voting behaviour
  • Political campaigns
  • Vote Advice Applications


Current research


Current teaching

  • Media in het publieke domein (BA)
  • Supervision BA theses Communication Science
  • Supervision BA theses Political Science/BSK


Recent publications

  • Bale, T & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2015). Down but not out: A comparison of Germany’s CDU/CSU with Christian democratic parties in Austria, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. In S. Green & E. Turner (Eds.), Understanding the Transformation of Germany’s CDU (Association for the Study of German Politics) (pp. 16-45). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 
  • Prooijen, J.W. van, Krouwel, A.P.M. & Pollet, T. V. (2015). Political Extremism Predicts Belief in Conspiracy Theories. Social Psychological & Personality Science.
  • Pol, J. van de, Kamoen, N., Holleman, B., Vreese, C. de & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2014). Beyond young, highly educated males: A typology of VAA users. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 11(4).
  • Krouwel, A.P.M. & Koedam, Jelle (2015). The Netherlands: Investiture Behind Closed Doors. In Bjørn.Erik Rasch, Shane Martin & José.Antonio Cheibub (Eds.), Parliaments and Government Formation: Unpacking Investiture Rules. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Krouwel, A.P.M. & Kutiyski, J. (2015). The mindset of Euroskepticism: unravelling political opinion structures of radical voters. In N. Startin & S. Underwood (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Euroscepticism. Oxford: Routledge.

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