D.F. Passenier, MSc (David)

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faculteit der sociale wetensch ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen ), school of business & economics ( knowledge, information & networks )




  • Safety culture
  • High Reliability Organizations
  • Aviation


Aviation safety cultures are highly standardized and function as an example to other types of risk-prone organizations. Yet little is known about how pilots and other operational personnel routinely resort to their own knowledge and experience when their extensive procedures do not quite fit. I address this problem within the aviation industry as well in translation to other sectors. This may create awareness about pitfalls of blind standardization, such as constructing illusions of safety, and help make more effective use of practical, operational risk management efforts. I’ve conducted research with flight crews (pilots), aircraft maintenance technicians, and ground services personnel.


  • Key themes of the Organizational Sciences
  • Cases in Organizational Dynamics
  • Master's Thesis COM & BCO

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