Dr. C. van Dyck

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faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )
Associate Professor

Monday till Friday.


  • Errors in organizations
  • Organizational culture
  • Organizational learning
  • Safety
  • Learning climate

Organizational culture, with particular interest in aspects that relate to dealing with errors. The learning organization, in which my interest lies in determining tanglible organizational practices and culture aspects that enhance 'high-loop' learning. In the same vein, my interest goes out to attribution theory; taking (or refusing) responsibility for failure, related inter- and intra-group processes and leadership styles.



Populair wetenschappelijke artikelen en interviews:

Wetenschappelijke publicaties:

  • Verbeek - Van Noord, I.; De Bruijne, M., Twisk, J., Van Dyck, C., & Wagner, C. (in press). More explicit communication after classroom-based crew resource management training: Results of a pragmatic trial.  Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.
  • De Korne, D. F. Van Wijngaarden, J. D. H., Van Dyck, C., Hiddema, F., Klazinga, N. (in press).  Evaluation of aviation-based safety team training in a hospital in The Netherlands.  Journal of Health Organization and Management.
  • Van Dyck, C., Dimitrova, N. G., De Korne, D. F., Hiddema, F. (2013). Walk the talk: The effect of leaders’ enacted priority of safety on error safety climate and incident reportingAdvances in Health Care Management, 14, 95-117.
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Van Dyck is owner of The Cat's Eye, consulting organizations with high importance of safety.

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