Dr. S.B. Ybema (Sierk)

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faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )
Associate Professor


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Politics, identity and sensemaking in organizational settings.


Sierk Ybema’s research interests are in culture, identity, power and the politics of sensemaking in (inter)organizational settings. His focus on how organizational actors present themselves and others and, vice versa, how they are ‘identified’ by others, directs attention to what people find essential about their organization, their profession, their position, their culture, and their work. His ethnography of an amusement park (de Efteling) and of the editorial staffs of two Dutch national newspapers (Trouw and de Volkskrant) examine the internal struggles over organizational change. For the last couple of years he has focused on multinational companies, police organizations, the Amsterdam municipality, and health care organizations, funded by NWO, public organizations and industry partners. He has published journal articles and book chapters on, inter alia, management discourse and ‘postalgia’, cross-cultural collaboration, inter-organizational relationships, organizational change and resistance, and identity crises in organizational settings. Books include Organizational culture (with D. Yanow and I. Sabelis) and Organizational ethnography: Studying the complexity of everyday life (with D. Yanow, F. Kamsteeg and H. Wels). He is co-chair of the International Conference on Organizational Discourse, Associate Editor of Organization, and member of the Editorial Board of Organization Studies.


  • Kernthema’s Organisatiewetenschappen (bachelor & premaster)
  • Sensemaking in Organizations (masters COM)
  • Organisatie van Zorgprocessen (BCO/ Bestuurswetenschappen)
  • MSc Thesis (thesis subjects)


Publications (Source: METIS VU)

  • Ybema, Sierk, Dvora Yanow & Ida Sabelis (eds.) (2011) Organizational culture. Two volume set research collection. Northampton Mass.: Edward Elgar. www.e-elgar.co.uk/bookentry_main.lasso?id=13903
  • Ybema, Sierk (2010) ‘Talk of change: Temporal contrasts and collective identities.’ Organization Studies 31(4): 481-503.
  • Ellis, Nick & Sierk Ybema (2010) ‘Marketing identities: Shifting circles of identification.’ Organization Studies 31(3): 279-305.
  • Ybema, Sierk, Dvora Yanow, Harry Wels & Frans Kamsteeg (eds.) (2009) Organizational ethnography: Studying the complexities of everyday life. London: Sage. www.sagepub.com/books/Book232255
  • Ybema, Sierk, Tom Keenoy, Cliff Oswick, Armin Beverungen, Nick Ellis, & Ida Sabelis (2009) Articulating identities. Human Relations 62(3): 299-322.
  • Ybema, Sierk & Hyunghae Byun (2009) Cultivating cultural differences in asymmetric power relations. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management 9(3): 339-358.
  • Ybema, Sierk (2004) Managerial postalgia: Projecting a golden future. Journal of Managerial Psychology 19(8): 825-841.

further information

 PhD projects

  • Leonora Reijn ‘Identity at work: Control and commitment in postbureaucratic organisations’. Completed in 2008
  • Hyunghae Byun-van Bladel Project 1: Culture and hierarchy: Japanese-Dutch encounters on the work-floor, NIOD/COM; Project 2: From loyalty to flexibility? The effects of a new managerial regime in Japan on employees’ organizational identification, NWO Mozaïek grant
  • Greetje Corporaal ‘Transnational collaboration: Japanese-Dutch encounters in a Japanese multinational’.


Ybema most downloaded

  • The paper "Marketing identities" (Ellis and Ybema 2010) is the most downloaded article in 2010 in Organization Studies (of all articles published in 2009 and 2010).
  • In 2012 the department of Organization Sciences hosts the 10th International Conference on Organizational Discourse on "Process, Practices, and Performance".

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