B&P Archive

The B&P Academy is a platform for events and activities that take place within the department of Political Science and Public Administration (Bestuurswetenschap & Politicologie). Here's an overview of the events we've recently organized:

On Wednesday December 16th, Wolfgang Wagner presented his new book 'The Democratic Politics of Military Interventions: Political Parties, Contestation, and Decision to Use Force Abroad'. With an introduction by Bastiaan van Apeldoorn, and commentary by Tapio Raunio (Tampere University) and Julie Kaarbo (Edinburgh University).

The interactive masterclass "China's Global Impact on Human Rights" in collaboration with Amnesty International provided students withan up-to-date perspective on the Chinese human rights situation, both domestically and overseas. China plays an increasingly prominent role on the world stage. It openly promotes a new system of international relations that prioritizes bilateral relations to multilateral bonds. On top of that, China actively tries to reshape global governance systems. This directly impacts the effectiveness of international human rights mechanisms. The Netherlands and Belgium are also increasingly confronted with the strictly authoritarian aspects of Chinese politics and diplomacy, bringing the human rights violations encompassed in the policy and international activities of this economic giant to our doorstep.

Leading up to the US Election, a political science expert lecture took place to discuss the consequences of the different presidential electionoutcomes. With moderator Nana de Graaff and the following experts: George Blaustein, professor of American Studies at the University of Amsterdam; Alessandra Bitumi, doctor in the field of Modern European History; Bastiaan van Apeldoorn, head of the department and senior lecturer of International Relations at VU; André Krouwel, teacher in Political Science at VU and founder of Kiescompas (election compass, ed.); Mark Zonnenberg, Political Science alumnus and corona Policy Advisor for the government.

University newspaper AdValvas covered this event (read the article here).