Y.J.L. Yang

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+31 20 59 84462
faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling bestuurswetenschap en politicologie )
PhD Student


· China-EU Relations

· International Relations

· Global Governance


September 2015—  : VU University Amsterdam

2012-2015: M.L (International Relations), Beijing Normal University, China

2007-2011: B.E (Mechanical Engineering and Automation), Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China


Research Project: Identity and China-EU Relations in the Context of Global Governance

This project aims to research China-EU relations in the context of global governance with the perspective of Constructivism Theory and Social Identity Theory. Since 2003, China-EU relations have experienced significant variations. Behind these complex variations, the evolving identities of China and the EU, i.e., their self-perceptions and mutual perceptions seem to play crucial roles. In the context of global governance, the evolving identities of China and the EU could be the key factors for the convergence and divergence between the two sides in the reform of global governance. Therefore, the main research question of this project is to what extent and how could the identity factor influence China-EU relations in the context of global governance. To answer this question, methods like process tracing, discourse analysis and interview will be used.