Dr. J.P. Beetz

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Postdoctoral researcher


  • International Political Theory
  • Theories of Popular Sovereignty and their History 
  • European Political Integration 
  • Democratic Legitimacy of Transnational Rule


My research aims to rethink statist political concepts to suit the transnational nature of the EU-polity, and make theoretical sense of novel empirical developments in this sui generis polity. My most recent article 'Stuck on the Rubicon?' was published in the Journal of European Public Policy.

I also blogged on the legitimacy crisis challenging the stability of European integration.

During my time at ACCESS EUROPE, I will work on two projects.  Firstly, I continue my work into the contemporary conceptions of popular sovereignty and their normative relevance for the EU legitimacy debate. In this, I argue in favour of a demoicratic reconceptualization, which justifies direct participation of national parliaments in European decision-making procedures.  The second project develops a conception of transnational democratic accountability grounded in a proper relationship between politics and administration within Europe’s multi-level governance regime.


Although currently I have no teaching obligations, during my time in Rotterdam, Exeter, and Leiden, I held various teaching positions. In these roles, I had to pleasure to teach politics and public administration students on a wide range of theoretical and philosophical topics concerning politics, public administration, and international relations. I hold the British qualification for teaching in higher education. I participated in various workshops on innovative teaching particularly gamification of higher education to stimulate long-term learning.

Academic biography

I read Public Administration (BSc, MSc) and Philosophy of Science (BA, MA) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During my undergraduate, I held several research positions, went on exchange to Sydney, and my MSc thesis was awarded the Unilever Thesis Award. I obtained a PhD in Politics by the University of Exeter. During my doctoral studies, I held visiting positions at the UC, Berkeley and the University of Amsterdam. Briefly before finishing the PhD, I was appointed Teaching Fellow in Public Administration at Leiden University.

Recent publications

Beetz, Jan Pieter (2015) ‘Stuck on the Rubicon? The resonance of the idea of demoi-cracy in media debates on the EU's legitimacy’, Journal of European Public Policy. 22: 1, 37-55.