drs. D. Kuijpers

PhD student

Contact information

Email: d.kuijpers@vu.nl

Room: Z339 (Metropolitan building)


Dieuwertje Kuijpers studied European Union Studies, and Italian Language and Culture at Leiden University. For one year, she studied Philosophy and Medievalism at the University of Udine, in Northern Italy. Her MA-thesis concentrated on international military co-operation and used the Balkan Wars as a blueprint to compare the effectiveness of NATO and EU-led military operations. As a PhD-candidate for the 'High Risk Politics'-project, her objective is to assess empirically - by taking a closer look at military interventions - why some governments take decisions involving substantial electoral risks while others do not.

She is also co-founder of and regular contributor to a Dutch International Relations and Defence-blog www.stukjeduiding.com, and secretary of the national Defence Committee of the Dutch liberal party (VVD).


  • International Relations
  • EU-Russia relations
  • Post-conflict operations


Governmental decision-making under electoral risk in case of military intervention.