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The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology is a small department, brimming with enthusiasm. In contrast to other Dutch anthropology departments, its curriculum and research programme are characterized by thematic rather than geographic specializations. Religion and poverty & development have always figured prominently. Themes like ethnicity, gender and power have also claim an important part of the research and teaching curricula.  The small size of the Department means that frequent face-to-face contacts between students and staff are common and as a consequence staff members are very committed to their students.
As a discipline, anthropology is not only interesting, it is also urgent. Fruitful and meaningful encounters between people of different cultural backgrounds are crucial in the globalised world we live in. Anthropology is the discipline that studies and aims to contribute to such encounters through a deep understanding of their potential, as well as the tensions and clashes that go with them. The department does this in various regions of the world and on various topics. The department is not only actively engaged in research but also in teaching and training students, with the result that there is a close integration of research and education.