Adane Kebede Gebeyehu

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faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afd. sociale en culturele antropologie )
  • Environmental Science
  • Society and environment
  • Climate change, natural resources management and indigenous people

Current Research

  • Resource based conflict dynamics in agro-pastoral and pastoral communities
  • The socio-environmental system of agro-pastoral groups
  • Climate change and coping strategies of agro-pastoral society



My doctoral project is focus on the adaptive responses of Omo Valley communities to growing insecurity with the climate variability and political-ecological changes, in Ethiopia. The purpose of this doctoral research is to explore on how the agro-pastoral communities in the Omo Valley are perceiving and coping with climate variability and political-ecological changes including large scale agro-pastoral land acquisition. We are particularly interested in the way how the indigenous ethnic groups in the zone interacts with the current land use land cover changes such as acquisition of huge lands to state lead investments, traditional land use rights, climate change and inter-ethnic tensions over land tenure. This study tries to assess how the scale of the projects, resettlement, demographic and climate changes significantly affect conflict dynamics and thus their adaptive capacity to deal with food insecurity and climate variability. Subsequently, how such variegated Socio-ecological changes ignites territorial conflicts in areas where limits the traditional land use rights of the indigenous mixed ethnic groups.