Drs. J.H. Jonkman

+31 20 59 86475
faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afd. sociale en culturele antropologie )


  • Citizenship
  • Political culture
  • Anthropology of the state
  • Ethnicity and nationalism


Regional expertise: Latin America (Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala)



Having recently started my doctoral project that centers on Colombian multiculturalism, I explore how civil groups in the departments of Chocó and Cauca negotiate cultural identities and political modalities in order to claim collective land entitlements. Herewith, I am particularly interested in the way multicultural democracy has generated strong inter-ethnic tensions over land tenure. Afro-Colombians, indigenous groups and mestizos occupy various symbolic slots within the Colombian national imagery. This locates them in dissimilar socio-legal positions vis-à-vis the state, as their perceived otherness in relation to the nation grants them differential access to minority rights such as collective land ownership. Consequently, such variegated multiculturalism ignites territorial conflicts in areas where different cultural groups reside, as the constitutional variances between social groups provides them with more or less opportunities to stake land claims.



2015       Microcitizenships amidst Post-Neoliberal Politics: The Political Articulation of Contentious Enitlements among the Middle Class in Salta, Argentina. Encuentro Latinoamericano 2(2): 6-29.

2014       Restoring the Argentine Order:  Economic Insecurity and Narratives of Class and National Belonging among the Middle Class in Salta, Argentina. MA Thesis Department of Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University.

2011       God and the Construction of Indigenous Identity: A Study of Maya Protestantism in Rural Guatemala. BA Thesis Department of Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University.


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