Prof.dr. M. van de Port

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+31 20 59 84391
faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afd. sociale en culturele antropologie )
Full professor (0,5 fte) VISOR Chair ‘Popular Religiosity’


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His research on popular religiosity focuses on what he calls ‘the cultural production of the real’: the processes of ‘authentication’ and/or ‘sacralization’ through which (religious) worldviews are endowed with a sense of the really real. This focus requires a constant attention to the subjective, ‘experiential’ underpinnings of cultural forms that shape (religious) music, art and ritual. In addition, the focus on experience – which brings in non-discursive dimensions of being -- requires the devlopment of new methods and forms of report, including cross-overs to art and literature. 

Regional specialization: Balkan, Brasil



Culture and New Media (BSc CAO 2nd year)  


His Ph.d. research was carried out in Serbia (Vranje, Novi Sad), and showed how Serbian imaginations around the figure of the Gypsy allowed Serbs to address the silenced and/or inexpressible dimensions of their war-ridden past. For the Department of Justice, he conducted a research on contract killings in the Netherlands. Sinds 2001, van de Port has been doing research in Salvador, Bahia (Brazilie).


Publications (Source: METIS VU)

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