Dr. Jacomijne Prins

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PhD Candidate


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Identity construction
Intergroup relations
Narrative theory
Qualitative research methods



• Research into collective identity construction and negotiation among Dutch ethnic minority youth.
• Focus group research and narrative methods


PhD Project

Storytelling as an identity strategy among Moroccan adolescents in The Netherlands.

Moroccan Dutch youth are stigmatized in The Netherlands based on both their ethnic and religious background. In my research project I probe into the ways Moroccan Dutch young adults manage to (re)construct positive collective and individual identities in conversation with group members. I use a narrative approach to explore 1) how collective stories and underlying identity claims are constructed and negotiated in interaction; 2) how intersectionality influences the construction of a collective story and identity; 3) how context and strategy influences storytelling and 4) the reconstruction of belonging among Moroccan Dutch young adults. 

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Publications (Source: METIS VU)

Prins, J.A., J. Van Stekelenburg, F. Polletta en B. Klandermans. Exploring in-group diversity through storytelling: How intersecting stories work to construct a diverse Moroccan Dutch experience. International Journal for Political Psychology.

Prins, J.A., J. Van Stekelenburg, F. Polletta en B. Klandermans. Telling the collective story? Dutch Moroccans’ negotiation of a collective identity through storytelling. Qualitative Sociology. Forthcoming in December issue 2012.

Van Doorn, M., Prins, J.A., Welschen, S., ‘Protest, against whom?’ The role of micro level meaning making in politicization. In The Future of Social Movement Research: Dynamics, Mechanisms, and Processes. Van Stekelenburg, J., Roggeband, C., Klandermans, P.C. (eds). Minneapolis: The University of Minessota Press.

Prins, J.A. Marokkaans-Nederlandse jongeren aan het woord in focusgroepen; de rol van verhalen in discussies over de Marokkaans-Nederlandse identiteit. Migrantenstudies 27 (2). http://www.migrantenstudies.nl/