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Nan Stevens is part-time Professor of Applied Social Gerontology at the VU University Amsterdam.
Her major interests are developing interventions to improve the well-being of older adults and studying the effectiveness of various interventions designed to reduce loneliness.

She is currently involved in a study of a friendship program for adults 18-80 years old, organized by the Netherlands Red Cross. She is also studying change in the importance of friendship and supervising a study on the experience of retirement in different cohorts of older adults in the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam. She has published on topics such as adaptation to widowhood, new partners, and loneliness in late adulthood.

Nan Stevens is also Associate Professor of psychogerontology in the Department of Developmental Psychology and Psychogerontology at the Radboud University Nijmegen.


Publications (Source: METIS VU)
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