Dr. C.G. van der Veer

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+31 20 59 86804
faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling sociologie )

Professor at Transcend Peace University, teaching conflicts at the micro level.


  • social research methodology
  • communication and organization
  • peace and conflict studies


  • pre-testing
  • scale development
  • immigration
  • xenophobia
  • interpersonal conflicts


Publications (Source: METIS VU)

Key publications

(with L. Higler, S. Woelders, R. Ommundsen & R. Pernice) (2012). Developing and validating a cross-national cumulative scale measuring attitudes toward illegal immigrants. International Journal of Social Research methodology.

(with R. Ommundsen, O. Yakushko, L. Higler, & K.A. Hagen) (2011). Psychometrically and Qualitatively Validating a Cross-National Cumulative Measure of Fear-Based Xenophobia. Quality and Quantity.
DOI 10.1007/s11135-011-9599-6.

(with K.S. Larsen, R. Ommundsen, & K. Krumov) (2011). Organizational Behavior in a Changing World: Managerial and Workers Perspectives. Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers.

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(with K.S. Larsen and R. Ommundsen) (2008). Being Human: Relationships and You. Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers.

(with T. Hak, & H. Jansen) (2008) The Three-Step Test-Interview: An observational method for pre-testing self-completion questionnaires. Survey Research Methods, 2 (3), 143-150.

(with M. Teunisse, A. van Elfrinkhof, G. De Groot, & H. Steenvoorden) (2005). DrStat; a statistics course. Utrecht: Digitale Universiteit. www.drstat.net/en