General information

Who do I contact about the 4th Summer School on Longitudinal and Life Course Research?
Please email summerschool2014.fsw@vu.nl with all queries; this is a shared email address and is only accessible to Aat Liefbroer en Sanne Bos who administer the Summer School.

Application Procedures

When will I know whether my application has been accepted?
As soon as registration closes all applications will be considered.  You will have a definite answer by email by 11 April, 2014 at the latest.  Please contact summerschool2014.fsw@vu.nl if you have not had an answer by this time.

I have received an email accepting me on the course and asking me to confirm my attendance.  What will happen if I do not reply to this?
If there is a high demand for places we will want people, who have been allocated a place on the course, to confirm that they will indeed be participating. We ask for you to confirm your attendance so that, if you can no longer come, we are able to offer your place to someone waiting.  If we do not receive your confirmation we will try and fill your place with someone else who would like to attend.  Therefore, please reply confirming your attendance as soon as you are able and this will secure your place.

Registration has closed.  How can I find out if there are any places left of the course?
Please email summerschool2014.fsw@vu.nl and we will let you know if there are still places.

Cancellation Procedures

I need to cancel my registration - how can I do this?
If registration is still open please email summerschool2014.fsw@vu.nl to cancel your registration. 
If you have been accepted onto the course you may cancel your registration provided that the payment deadline has not yet passed.  If payment has been received for course fees, we regret to say that we can only refund you if your course place can be filled.

Payment and Funding

When do I have to pay?
Payment for the summer school must be paid by the deadline of 1 July, 2014 

How can I pay for the course/accommodation?
Payment can be made via this accountnumber (nummer),  be sure to ad this reference number (nummer) to your payment, in order for it to be processed right.

Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes, to this account and reference number.

My institution will pay for me - how can I arrange this?
Please ask them to pay by bank transfer.

Can I have a receipt?
Yes, a receipt will be included in your course packs which you will be given on the first day.  If you need your receipt sooner than this please email summerschool2014.fsw@vu.nl to request this.

Visa Letters

I will need a VISA letter to travel to the Summer School.  How can I arrange this?
Please let us know that you need a visa letter when you fill in the registration form.  We will ensure that letters are issued quickly; unfortunately, we cannot issue them without first receiving payment from you.  Prompt payment of course and accommodation fees will ensure that you have as much time as possible to secure your visa.
If you think you will need longer to organise a visa than the deadlines allow (e.g. the time available from being accepted on to the course and the time you need your visa for travel) please contact summerschool2014.fsw@vu.nl as soon as you have registered and we will try and solve this problem by fast tracking your application.

Will my course fee/accommodation fee be refunded if I do not get a visa for the Netherlands?
We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult having to pay before the visa is issued.  If we are able to fill your place on the course then we will be pleased to refund your course fees if we are able to.  However, if you cancel late and/or we are unable to fill your place then we will be unable to refund your course fees. 


I need a certificate to prove that I attended the course - will I receive one automatically?
Yes - at the end of your course please see the tutor or teaching assistant and they will give you your certificate.