Dear participants of the summer school,

Below you will find the names of the lecturers and their hand-outs. If you have any questions about them or if anything is not mentioned below, please e-mail to (Sanne).

Aat Liefbroer
The Sociological and Demographic Traditions in Life Course Research

David Blane
The potential of life course research

Mel Bartley
Epidemiological Approach to the Life course

Pearl Dykstra
Families and the life course  

Dimitri Mortelmans       
Testing models in SPSS

Karel Neels
Event history analysis
Suggested reading
Continuous Time models - will come online soon
Discrete time models - will come online soon
First Cocaine (dataset) - will come online soon 
Kidney (dataset) - will come online soon
Length of Stay (dataset) - will come online soon
Mortality (dataset) - will come online soon
School leavers (dataset) - will come online soon
Second birth (dataset) - will come online soon

Frances Billari
A (short) introduction to Multilevel (and Longitudinal) Modelling–1  

A (short) introduction to Multilevel (and Longitudinal) Modelling–2

Cees Elzinga
Beyond distance
Pairs of sequences
Properties of sequences

Matthias Richter
Getting Started

Gilbert Ritschard
Starting with R
Sequence Analysis with TraMineR
Solutions to the exercises