Other practical Information

Where to sleep

This year’s Summer School does not include hotel accommodation, but there are some excellent hotels nearby or in the centre of Amsterdam we can recommend.

Nearby the VU:
Qbic Design Hotel Amsterdam WTC
Mathijs Vermeulenpad 1,
1077 XX
Website: www.qbichotels.com

And there are of course tons of hotels in the centre of Amsterdam, fore some tips, go to: Iamsterdam.

Where to eat

There are three restaurants – known as "mensa" – on the VU campus, which are open for lunch and dinner. 

  • The one in the main building serves hot meals between 12 and 7pm.
  • For light refreshments, sandwiches and snacks, you can go to the coffee corner on the eighth floor of the main building. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 4pm.
  • For a delicious cappuccino, beer, lunch or dinner, you can visit our campus grand cafe The Basket. The Basket is open from Monday till Friday between 9 am and 11 pm.

Café DE on the ground floor of the main building (also in the Medical Faculty), operated by Douwe Egberts (the main Dutch coffee brand), is the place to go for a good coffee. Other drinks and snacks such as muffins, are also available. It is open Monday to Thursday, 8.30am - 5pm, and 8.30am - 6pm on Friday.

If you want to go outside the VU campus for dinner, here are some tips: Horeca Amsterdam.

Of course you can also hop on the subway or tram to dine in one of the fine restaurants in the centre of Amsterdam.

How to get there and around

The organization of the Summer School of 2014 provides you with a public transport card (OV-chipkaart), which you will receive on Monday the 24th of august and which is valid for 5 days (120 hours). With this card you can travel by any bus, tram of metro train*.

*This is a GVB-card, which means that you cannot travel with busses from connexxion or other transport companies.

Tourist information

For more information about things to do while you’re in Amsterdam, go to: www.iamsterdam.com