Workshop Politicization and Radicalization


Over the past years Bernd Simon, Xenia Chryssochoou, Assaad Azzi and Bert Klandermans have been working on issues of identity and socio-political participation in increasingly diverse societies. Supported by a grant from the European Science Foundation we have organized workshops on ‘Collective identity and political participation’ (in Kiel), the ‘Construction and expression of collective identities’ (in Delphi), and ‘Integration, change and innovation in culturally diverse societies’ (in Brussels). In these workshops we have tried to find answers to fundamental questions regarding identity formation and political participation in an evermore globalizing world.

We feel that a workshop on politicization and radicalization in our increasingly diverse societies is a necessary addition to our workshops on Identity and Socio-Political Participation. The issue of radicalization has become more and more urgent. The relationship between the various groups of citizens has become more and more tense. Migrants, especially migrants of African and/or Islamic descent are treated and/or feel treated in a more hostile manner. Extreme right group and political parties openly express and disseminate xenophobic ideas. Within the immigrant communities especially among the second generation a growing uneasiness with the situation became fertile soil for radical ideas and political actions to develop. The polarization resulting from these developments worries citizens, policy makers and social scientists alike. We conceptualize radicalization as a collective process that evolves within the context of social movements. People do not radicalize on their own, but as part of a group in which a collective identity is developed. This workshop is meant to further explore and elaborate on the dynamics of politicization and radicalization.

Participants of the upcoming workshop were invited on the basis of their expertise on issues of politicization and radicalization.

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The workshop is sponsored by:

  • The European Science Foundation
  • Centre for Comparative Social Studies, VU University Amsterdam


The following document contains abstracts of papers, presented at the workshop.


Powerpoint presentations

Below you can see the Powerpoint Presentations of the workshop.

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