Symposium: Why the world needs anthropologists



Soeterijn Theatre, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Why the world needs anthropologists

Anna Kirah, Jitske Kramer, Simon Roberts

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Conference / Symposium

Organised by VU University, University of Ljubljana, EASA (European Organisation of Social Anthropologists), and ABV (Antropologen Beroepsvereniging).
This international symposium explores possibilities for the use of anthropology outside of academia. Keynote speakers will present best practices of product development and service improvement by employing anthropological skills and knowledge, and critically reflect on the engagement of anthropologists in profit and non-profit sectors. They will identify possibilities for future collaborations between science and practice and open new interdisciplinary fields for applied anthropology in Europe. The symposium will also feature a panel discussion, moderated by Dan Podjed (University of Ljubljana) and closing drinks.
The keynote speakers are:
1. Anna Kirah, Making Waves, has a background as a design anthropologist and psychologist. She is internationally recognised as a pioneer using human-centered innovation in the design of services, products and organizational change at leading companies, including Microsoft and Boeing.
2. Jitske Kramer, HumanDimensions, is a highly sought-after facilitator, coach and presenter in the area of diversity, inclusion, cross-cutural issues and change in the commercial sector. Her ambition is to (re)connect people through their differences.
3. Simon Roberts, Bailiwick Partners, is a business anthropologist with over 15 years experience in technology research, innovation and strategy development. He has pioneered the use of ethnography in commercial settings, running his own consultancy and working in R&D at Intel.
The panel discussion will feature:
1. Prof. Rajko Muršič is an antropologist at the University of Ljubljana, specialised in theory of culture, the anthropology of music (popular music), urban anthropology and anthropology of space and place, amonst others.
2. Dr. Marina Regt is a lecturer at VU University, specialised in migrant domestic workers in Yemen and Yemeni-Ethiopian migration through the lens of gender, migration and labour. She worked for several development projects in Yemen which made her critical of the development industry.
3. Wayne Modest is the Head of the Curatorial Department at the Tropenmuseum. His work is driven by a concern for more historically contingent ways of understanding the present, especially in relation to material culture.
Kindly register for this event with Rhoda Woets ( Please mention your institutional affiliation and position.