Mini-symposium on Constitutional Pluralism and Demoi-cracy in the EU


13:30 - 18:00

VU OZW Building, room 6A-01

Mini-symposium on Constitutional Pluralism and Demoi-cracy in the EU

Francis Cheneval (University of Zürich); Ana Bobić (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin); Gareth Davies (VU Law); Jan Pieter Beetz (Utrecht University); Ben Crum (VU Political Science)

Ben Crum (, professor in political science



Conference / Symposium / Seminar

On 30 November, VICES (the VU Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies) organizes an academic symposium on Constitutional Pluralism and Demoi-cracy in the EU. The many European crises and the rise of Eurosceptic parties have made it ever more apparent that European integration is unlikely to issue in a single European people any time soon. Instead, it appears more appropriate to recognize that, even if the European Union has become an ever more integrated political system, it relies on a plurality of peoples. In legal thinking, this insight has given rise to the development of the idea of legal pluralism. Political theorists soon followed suit by developing the notion of demoi-cracy. 

This symposium aims to open a conversation between the two perspectives – legal pluralism and demoi-cracy –to determine whether they are inherently compatible or whether there are fundamental differences between them. It also asks what, once we recognize the pluralistic character of the EU, can hold it together.

The symposium is organized around two roundtables that are introduced by two exterenal and esteemed guests: Francis Cheneval (University of Zürich) for the demoi-cracy perspective and Ana Bobić (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin) for the perspective of legal pluralism.

The symposium is open to anyone interested, but registration at is appreciated. There will be no new papers, but a dropbox will be made available with a couple of key readings that registered participants can consult beforehand.