Dimitris Dalakoglou new Professor Social Anthropology

As from July 1st, Dimitris Dalakoglou will assume the chair of “Social Anthropology, with emphasis on Mobility, Infrastructures, Urban Politics and the Anthropology of Development”, at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

06/26/2015 | 10:46 AM

Dr. Dalakoglou was Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Sussex, the Department of Anthropology, and affiliated with the Sussex Centre of Migration Research and Sussex Centre of Global Political Economy.

In his research, he demonstrates a particular interest in the anthropology of mobility along infrastructure and urban spaces. Between 2012 and 2014 he had held an ESRC-Future Research Leaders grant for the project The City at a time of Crisis. Within this project was explored how recent economic structural adjustments in Greece are related to urban and infrastructural development and novel forms of inequality and insecurity. The overarching idea being that the economic crisis and the pre-crisis conditions have led to a new social and urban landscape, within which the reformed collective agents have to learn new techniques to deal with and navigate through the forced social and spatial mobility. Among the outcomes of “crisis-scape” – based on 18 months of fieldwork in Athens, but also on knowledge exchange with diverse groups including migratory communities — in Athens was the online map of racist crimes. This provided an internationally disseminated digital visualization of the collected data. 

Dalakolgou, Dimitris

Previously he has focused on cross-border highways in South East Europe and his work on infrastructures and anthropology is widely acknowledged as leading one in the discipline. His publications include the Road from capitalism to capitalism (2012), Migrating-remitting-’building’-dwelling (2010) and the Road (2010) that were published in leading international journals.

Dimitris Dalakoglou will fill in the chair that has been vacant for several years, of social anthropology. He will obviously assume both research and teaching tasks, and is in the process of moving to Amsterdam.