Three FSW projects to receive NWO subsidy

Three projects from within the Organization Science department of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW) have received a variety of project subsidies from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Prof. Marcel Veenswijk has received the doctoral research grant for teachers, prof. Alfons van Marrewijk received the subsidy for new knowledge related to infrastructure (NGinfra).

09/26/2017 | 4:02 PM

Planned space, lived space
In his project, researcher Marcel Veenswijk focuses on the different ways in which organizations cope with new spatial transformations developed to improve cost-effectiveness, realize flexibility of use and improve cooperation and creativity. The study gives particular attention to the concept of ‘a new way of working’. The central case is The HaguMe University of Applied Sciences, where the concept of a new way of working has been fully implemented in the past year.

Professor Veenswijk has received the NWO’s doctoral research grant for teachers. This grant was developed to enable teachers in primary, secondary, technical, higher technical and special education to have access to a grant for doctoral research, with the aim of directly applying the knowledge and research experience gained from the study to improve teaching practice.

Infrastructures of the future
Prof. Alfons van Marrewijk has received NWO subsidies for two projects in which research into critical infrastructures such as roads, railways, water, gas, electricity and telecommunications, networks which are crucial for citizens’ wellbeing. According to Van Marrewijk, design, expansion and maintenance of these networks are each implemented separately by the owners of the networks. Because many of these networks are buried underground, roads, streets and pavements are regularly dug up, there is a problem with noise nuisance, and both traffic and the use of public spaces are restricted. To find a smarter way for the network owners to cooperate in the design, expansion and maintenance of underground networks, network owners are keen to cooperate more productively. Behaviour has been shown to be an important factor in successful cooperation between network owners and in the implementation of innovations in those organizations.

To stimulate innovation and cooperation, the NWO and NGinfra have together awarded subsidies to two of Van Marrewijk’s research projects. These are: “Inter-organizational collaboration in the governance of subsurface infrastructure networks” and “Using data streams to support the integrated design, construction and management of interconnecting infrastructures”.  

To learn more about the different subsidies, visit the NWO website.