How do dating apps influence the heterogeneity of couples?

Communications scientist Giulia Ranzini has received an award of 50,000 euros to support her research into the effects of online dating.

04/08/2019 | 4:43 PM

Tinder, Happn and Badoo are just three of the many dating apps which allow anyone with a mobile phone to make a date with just a few taps and swipes. The matchmaking efforts of family, friends and neighbours are no longer needed, while the ‘pond’ in which singles now fish has become a veritable ocean. Giulia Ranzini is to study the effects of this development in a research project entitled 'Exploring the impact of dating apps on the heterogeneity of Dutch couples'.

The popularity of online dating has often been linked to the increase in interracial marriages in Western countries. Ranzini is to examine the effects of online dating within a heterogeneous group of couples living in the Netherlands. Her work is being supported under the National Research Agenda programme. Further information can be found HERE.