Find the right minor at the VU Minor Market

The elective space in the third year of your Bachelor’s programme may seem far away, but now is the time to get oriented.

02/21/2019 | 2:16 PM

Visit the VU Minor Market on Tuesday 12 March and check out your options!
Lecturers and students representing most VU minors will be present in the Foyer of the Main Building from 12.30 to 3.30 p.m. to provide you with information on the content of their minors, how they fit in your degree programme, admission requirements and more. Online you will find an overview of the minors that will be represented at the Minor Market.  

Make a favourites list
Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the Minor Market by taking a close look at the Minor Platform in advance so that you know which minors are available as part of your degree programme. Admission requirements vary from minor to minor. Enrolment in certain minors is subject to registration in a specific degree programme, but there are also university-wide minors that are open to everyone. 

What is a minor?
A minor is a specially composed programme consisting of 30 credits in which you take different courses on a specific theme. Minors are meant to help you expand your knowledge in a specific field or as preparation for a Master’s programme. Naturally, you can opt for a minor offered by your own faculty, but you might also consider one offered by another VU faculty. You can do a minor to earn the credits you need for your elective component in the first semester of your third year.
See VUnet for general information about earning credits for your elective component.