ERC grant for research into the impact of the economic crisis

Professor of political behaviour in Europe, Catherine de Vries, received a prestigious European Research Council Consolidator Grant for her research project on the narratives of loss. “Receiving this grant is absolutely fantastic and without it setting up this research group to carry out such an ambitious project would not have been possible.”

12/02/2019 | 4:37 PM

De Vries wants to bring into focus how economic hardship leads to support for socially conservative politics and find out how people’s economic struggles give meaning to the financial setbacks they have endured. By conducting thorough research into how economic setbacks translate into certain narratives of personal and societal loss, De Vries aims to reveal the relationship between economic crises and an increase in intolerance of marginalized groups. “These research results are incredibly important because they provide an empirical foundation for the current societal and political debate on how to protect marginalized groups in our society, ensure social cohesion and fund public facilities”, explains De Vries.

In addition to the Netherlands, the project also focuses on the situation in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. De Vries plans to begin her research in 2020 and hopes to publish her first research results in 2021.