Talma lecture and FSS research awards 2019

The nominations for the research prizes of the Faculty of Social Sciences are known. This year several research prizes will be awarded for the best master's thesis and dissertation of 2019 and the research prize (biennial) for the most appealing, promising and original research at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

01/14/2020 | 10:34 AM

This year again a complete edition of the Talma lecture. Since the FSS research prize is only awarded every other year. The nominations for this year are:
-Halleh Ghorashi (Sociology)
-Naná de Graaff (Public Administration and Political Science)
-Marieke Roskes (Organization Sciences)
-Thijl Sunier (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
-Mariken van der Velden (Communication Science)

And in the category best dissertation the nominees are:
-Chei Billedo (Communication Science)
-Nelly Schotborgh-van de Ven (Political Science and Public Administration)
-Ismintha Waldring (Sociology)
-Marieke van Wieringen (Organization Sciences)

The nominees for the best master’s thesis of 2019 were already announced last October. The complete overview of all nominees and winners of previous editions can be found here.

The faculty annually grants research awards are traditionally awarded annually at the beginning of the year during the Talma lecture, where research is celebrated within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The lecture itself will be given this year by Gjalt de Graaf in collaboration. The title of the lecture is ‘Dilemmas in public governance’. De Graaf will talk about conflicting values and coping strategies in nowadays public governance. Among specific cases, he will discuss the dilemmas of us, academic teachers. What dilemmas do we have, how do we deal with them and what can we learn from that for our organization? Alexander Rinnooy Kan will add his views and experiences on dilemmas in public governance.

This year’s Talma lecture will be held on the 24th of January in the main building of the VU, location 2A-00. More information about the Talma Lecture can be found here.