Via the Institute for Societal Resilience, the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) wants to contribute to solving scientific and societal questions that occupy us all. We do that across borders of scientific disciplines and in collaboration with societal partners: the government, businesses, NGOs and societal organizations. This based on the strong belief that collaborations will increase both the innovativeness as well as the scientific and societal impact of our research. That is why FSS researchers participate in various collaborations and are always open to explore new collaborations.

New collaborations

Establishing collaborations with FSS researchers and/or the research Institute of Societal Resilience is possible and can structured in different ways based on the context. Based on your wishes and intentions we like to explore the opportunities to form new partnerships with you. If you are interested you can contact the secretariat of the ISR directly.

Current collaborations

Researchers of the FSS participate a.o. in the next collaborations: