Funded projects

Live stream of the debate followed by a discussion with Gareth Davies (RCH), Katjana Gattermann (UVA), Alessandro Nai (UVA) and Lukas Otto (UVA). Co-organized bij ACES

Four Round Tables convened in Honour of Prof. L.W. Gormley

Roundtable discussion with Gareth Davies (RCH), Sarah de Lange (UVA), Catherine de Vries (FSW), Jonathan Zeitlin (UVA) and Frank Vandenbroucke (UVA)

Talk by Professor Joshua Fairfield (Washington and Lee Law School)

Launch of the VU Interdisciplinary Centre for European (VICES) (FSW/RCH) 

Lecture by Professor Iyiola Solanke (University of Leeds)

  • December 2018: Understanding varieties of European populism in the 20th and 21th century
Conference on European Populism in the 20th and 21st century
André Krouwel (FSW) and Ronald Kroeze (History)

  • Liberal EUrope in crisis? A critical (elite) perspective
Funding for assistance with proposal and organizing PhD group
Bastiaan van Apeldoorn (FSW)

  • Marketing, corporate misbehavior and EU law
Research for grant proposal 
Jacobien Rutgers (RCH) and Ruud Frambach (Economics)

  • China Inc. Challenge or Opportunity for Europe? – An inter-disciplinary study into the localization of globalizing Chinese businesses in Europe
Research assistance with grant writing 
De Graaff, Ybema, Nyiri and Verver (FSW)

  • Race and ethnicity in the EU: between law and the social sciences
Conference on race and ethnicity in the EU 
Karin de Vries (RCH), Betty de Hart (RCH) and Halleh Ghorashi (FSW)

  • Humanitarianism and migration-governance: Human security and resilience
Anholt et al, Institute for Societal Resilience (FSW) 

  • Confronting Political Diversity in Europe
Three conferences
Ben Crum (FSW/RCH)

  • EU and China in a Changing World: Partners or Competitors?
Presentation of research in China, and interviews 
Yang (FSW) 

  • No average Joe: Is the notion of “average consumer” in European consumer law still valid in an age of online micro-targeting?
Survey funding and research time, development of larger project
Schaub et al (RCH/FSW)