Funded projects

  • Understanding varieties of European populism in the 20th and 21th century
    Krouwel, Kroeze (FSW/History)
    Conference on European Populism in the 20th and 21st century (December 2018)

  • Liberal EUrope in crisis? A critical (elite) perspective 
    Van Apeldoorn (FSW)
    Funding for assistance with proposal and organizing PhD group

  • Marketing, corporate misbehavior and EU law 
    Rutgers, Frambach (RCH/Economics)
    Research for grant proposal

  • China Inc. Challenge or Opportunity for Europe? – An inter-disciplinary study into the localization of globalizing Chinese businesses in Europe 
    De Graaff, Ybema, Nyiri and Verver (FSW)
    Research assistance with grant writing

  • Race and ethnicity in the EU: between law and the social sciences 
    De Vries, de Hart and Ghorashi (RCH)
    Conference on race and ethnicity in the EU

  • Humanitarianism and migration-governance: Human security and resilience 
    Anholt et al, Institute for Societal Resilience (FSW)

  • Confronting Political Diversity in Europe 
    Crum (FSW/RCH)
    Three conferences

  • EU and China in a Changing World: Partners or Competitors? 
    Yang (FSW)
    Presentation of research in China, and interviews

  • No average Joe: Is the notion of “average consumer” in European consumer law still valid in an age of online micro-targeting? 
    Schaub et al (RCH/FSW)
    Survey funding and research time, development of larger project