Obtaining a PhD

There are two ways in which PhD candidates can be admitted to VU-GSSS:

1) Through recruitment as an employee (internal) PhD candidate. Available PhD positions are advertised in different ways, including on the VU website and as an internationally advertised call on Academic Transfer, on behalf of an already determined supervisor(y) team. During the selection procedure all criteria, both from VU-GSSS and the project itself, will be taken into account. The supervisor (promotor) of the proposed candidate sends all necessary documentation to VU-GSSS for further admission and registration of the PhD candidate.

2) All other PhD candidates are external. They will fund their project either through a (foreign) bursary, public organization, company or privately. External PhD’s should formally request admission through our online application form. Make sure to include all necessary attachments as we won’t be able to proceed incomplete applications. Your application will be assessed by the Graduate School and our Assessment Board and the candidate will be informed about their decision as soon as possible.

VU-GSSS advises a preferential starting date (September 1) for all PhD’s in order to facilitate participation in the 1st year PhD education program. In order to proceed your application it is therefore recommended to submit your documents before 1 April.

In case you have any questions about the application procedure please contact us through graduate.school.fsw@vu.nl