VU-GSSS supports all PhD candidates in the disciplines of Communication Science, Organization Sciences, Philanthropic Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, Social & Cultural Anthropology and Sociology. VU-GSSS focuses on some of the most pressing challenges to society, related to topics such as integration and diversity, security and conflict and societal participation. More specific, our research programmes are connected with the four research subthemes of the Institute for Societal Resilience: Resilient Governance; Resilience, Diversity and Inclusion; Resilience through Communication, Organization and Interconnectedness; and Care and Welfare in a Resilient Society.


VU-GSSS stimulates PhD candidates to develop into international, independent and interdisciplinary researchers within the social sciences and beyond. In order to achieve these aims VU-GSSS organizes and monitors the application and admission procedure, a review procedure at the end of the first year, annual progress reports and final submission of the dissertation. VU-GSSS also supports all supervisors in achieving a higher quality in their supervision through training and annual evaluations by our PhD candidates.


VU-GSSS organizes a PhD programme, with courses providing Phd candidates solid theoretical and methodological knowledge and strengthening academic skills. Special attention is given to research integrity and responsible scholarship. VU-GSSS favors an adaptive PhD programme in which PhD candidates can flexibly choose their own set of courses and organize small group tutorials from renowned experts on specialized topics. This provides ample opportunity to tailor a training plan to personal needs and interests.