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In order to improve the quality of PhD trajectories, the Graduate School of Social Sciences will start a half-way assessment. The Graduate School invites PhD candidates in the Faculty of Social Sciences who are about halfway through their PhD trajectory to carry out a self-monitoring risk inventory & a short meeting between the Phd candidate and one of the Graduate School Program Managers (Saskia Jans or Alexandra Filius).

It is now possible to request an E-number in order to be able to log in in Hora Finita in case a PhD candidate needs to upload his or her manuscript but does not have a valid VU-net ID anymore. Please contact the Beadle’s office if you need to do so.

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Regular breaks from working at your desk stimulates your motivation and productivity. Get out of the office and stretch your legs on the PhD lunch walk! Saskia and/or Alexandra will wait for you at the back entrance of the main building every other Thursday at 12:00. We will start on 9 January 2020. No need to sign up, you can always join!

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Sign up as soon as possible for:

Advanced Theory Construction starts on 13 March
Data Analysis in R starts on 23 March 

Attractive Academic Writing: 14, 15 & 28/29 April (sign up before 3 March)
Time and project Management starts on 6 April & 20 (sign up before 8 March)
Selected Quantitative Methods: 25 -29 May (sign up before 13 march)
Doing Biographical Research: interviewing, analyzing, theorizing: 22 April – 18 May (sign up before 25 March)

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How to deal with the review process of academic journals?

Frank den Hond will share insights of the review process from his experience as reviewer. Eva-Maria Merz will share her experiences and how to deal with related emotions. 

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Letitia Smuts will defend her dissertation entitled Getting it 'Straight': (Hetero)Sexual Identities, Heteronormativity, and Gender in Johannesburg on 18 March, 11:45, Aula.

Younes Saramifar will defend his dissertation entitled Future Past & Past Future: Knowability & memory assemblage in postwar Iran on 20 March, 09:45, Aula.

500th defense: On 17 February Gregory Richardson was the 500th PhD candidate who defended his dissertation at the Faculty of Social Sciences. His dissertation is entitled Sweet Breakaway: An ethnographic study of Aruban Calypso Music and the Narratives of The One Happy Island. 

Richardson Defence