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It is now possible to request an E-number in order to be able to log in in Hora Finita in case a PhD candidate needs to upload his or her manuscript but does not have a valid VU-net ID anymore. Please contact the Beadle’s office if you need to do so.

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Regular breaks from working at your desk stimulates your motivation and productivity. Get out of the office and stretch your legs on the PhD lunch walk! Saskia and/or Alexandra will wait for you at the back entrance of the main building every other Thursday at 12:00. We will start on 9 January 2020. No need to sign up, you can always join!

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Sign up as soon as possible for:

·         Selected Qualitative Methods: start in February, schedule to be confirmed
·         Writing Academic English: 10 February
·         Rise and shine! How to present your academic research: 11 February

The following research master courses are open to PhD candidates:

·         Data Mining & Text Analysis: start 6 January
·         Advanced Qualitative Methods: start 6 January

Sign up before 20 December!

Save the date (you can already sign up):

·         Advanced Theory Construction starts on 13 March
·         Selected Quantitative Methods: May, to be scheduled
·         Data Analysis in R starts on 23 March
·         Time and project Management starts on 6 April
·         Attractive Academic Writing starts on 14 April
·         Doing Biographical Research: interviewing, analyzing, theorizing starts on 22 April

Check this calendar for an overview of upcoming courses

Check our Study Guide for more information and registration.

International Office is offering Career Thursdays and Online Executive Career Coaching again for PhDs in February-April 2020. If you want to develop your skills further to help you accelerate your career, this is for you!

For more information about Career Thursdays and Online Executive Career Coaching, please visit:

For registrations please use these links:
Career Thursdays:
Online Executive Career Coaching:

There are still spots left and we are offering Online Executive Career Coaching by Experiential Insight for free again! You can register via this link:
Each Coaching Track is comprised of 6 individuals in an intimate cohort, for 6 sessions (1 hour long), over 6 weeks using Google Hangouts and using video conference set-up. We have the following tracks:

This Coaching Track is designed to help you set your pathway on the right track for forward progression and momentum to cultivate the kind of lifestyle you are looking to achieve. Not having the tools to navigate your career in the way you intend can have long term implications on how far you go and how much you achieve. Let’s get you driving to results!

Every Wednesday: February 12 – March 18 2020
•    12:00 - 1:00 PM CEST
Every Thursday: February 13 – March 19 2020
•    5:00 - 6:00 PM CEST

This Coaching Track is designed to propel you into the next level of success by identifying the pockets of opportunity you haven’t tapped into yet to discover your full potential. Taking control of your career today will pave the way for a successful future and allow you to achieve anything you put your mind to. Let’s get you your dream job!
Every Wednesday: February 12 – March 18 2020
•    12:00 - 1:00 PM CEST
Every Thursday: February 13 – March 19 2020
•    5:00 - 6:00 PM CEST

Silvia Klokgieters will defend her dissertation entitled Ageing in a migration context: Resilience in Turkish and Moroccan immigrants on 9 January, 13:45, Aula.

Erik van Ommering will defend his dissertation entitled Education for Peace or War on 27 January, 13:45, Aula.

Anne Brons will defend her dissertation entitled Family background and union formation and dissolution processes on 6 February, 13:45, Aula.

Gregory Richardson will defend his dissertation entitled Sweet Breakaway on 17 February, 13:45, Aula.

Sabine Wildevuur will defend her  dissertation entitled Designing information and communication technology to enable person-centred care in chronic disease management on 24 February, 13:45, Aula.

Weizhen Li

·         Topic: History Perception and Political Participation of Youth in Bosnia-Herzegovina

·         Supervised by: Prof. dr. P.J. Nyiri (SCA) and prof. dr. M.P.J  van de Port (SCA)

Panagiotis Papantoniou

·         Changing institutional logics in healthcare and the shaping of physician professional role-identity: the case of reforming primary care in Greece

·         Supervised by: dr. I Kyratsis (ORG)


Jolien Arendsen

·         Topic: I consume therefore I am: A terror management perspective on materialism and consumption

·         Supervised by: dr. T. Hartmann, M. Fransen and dr. G.M van Koningsbruggen

Jolien Arendsen