Recruiting talented PhD candidates

Last month Nana de Graaff (VU-GSSS Programme Director) spent a week in Beijing and Shanghai to recruit talented PhD candidates during the PhD Workshop China 2017. In close cooperation with colleagues from the VU School of Business and Economics and the International Office they interviewed almost 90 candidates. We hope to welcome many of them as new members of our Graduate School in September 2018!

 CSC fair

CSC Workshop

PhD Pizza Sessions

Our well attended PhD Pizza sessions will continue in 2018. The next Pizza session will be on Quality of PhD Supervision, with a guest speaker from Herz Training and the launch of the Nomination for the Best FSS Supervisor of the Year! The session is planned to take place end of January /early February!

Meet Liam Stephens, new PhD candidate

My research is about social strategies to preventing radicalisation. In recent years, the growth of policies and practices towards the prevention of radicalisation has led to a securitisation of traditionally social institutions, such as schools, youth work, and social work. However, these social institutions can play a strong and vital role in addressing in a positive way the deeper issues underlying radicalisation, such as young peoples' ideals and their desire to act upon, and indeed transform, society.

I realised this was an important area of research as a result of my interaction with the youth in my own neighbourhood and how they were being influenced by different social forces, and would be considered 'at risk of radicalisation'. At the same time I saw these same youth wishing to dedicate themselves to service to the community when this was connected to a bigger vision of social transformation.

Liam Stephens

Liam Stephans