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News May 2019

The Graduate School is finalizing the study guide for 2019-2020. The courses for semester 1 are almost scheduled. We are excited to announce that we will offer a few new courses and workshops. Please keep an eye on your mailbox, the Canvas page and/or our website for more news!
Confirmed dates:
•    Bridging Programme - 9 September until 1 October 2019 - for new PhD’s
•    Induction Conference - Friday 4 & Saturday 5 October - for new PhD’s
•    Data Management Plan - 24 October - mandatory (this used to be part of the course ‘Research Integrity and Responsible Scholarship’ – more details on the rest of the course follows)
•    Successful Grant Writing - 7 November & 3 December

The Graduate Council organized the annual PhD Day. Several PhD candidates took the opportunity to present their research. A diverse jury gave relevant feedback to all presenters, and decided who would win €250 research budget. Felicia Löcherbach (CW) won the prize for the best oral presentation and Nadia bij de Vaate (CW) won the prize for best poster presentation.

PhD Day 2019 Felicia                         PhD Day 2019 Nadia

Care Institute (Zorginstituut ) has decided to subsidize the research of PhD candidate and Graduate Council member Karin Kee. Her research focuses on joint decision making between patients who suffer from lower back pain and their doctors, nurses, and other involved care. Karin wrote the grant proposal in collaboration with the University hospital in Maastricht, the patient Organization for patients with backpain, and Equalis Strategy and Modeling. Karin: ‘The Grant Writing workshop organized by VU-GSSS had paid off’. We are very proud that Karin received this prestigious grant, congratulations Karin! 

About 40 Social Science PhD’s attended this year’s PhD Career Event for Social Sciences at CREA (UvA). The event was very successful. One of the suggestions to improve: “Encourage more PhDs to attend the event, everyone should have been there to experience it for themselves”. In case you missed the event you can check the presentations on the Canvas Community Page. 

PhD Career Day 2019

Name: Marjolein Albers
Research Topic: Implementation and optimization of  Learning and Innovation Networks in Geriatric Rehabilitation.
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Henk Nies (ORG) 

Marjolein Albers

We congratulate Lorraine Nencel (SOC) on obtaining Ius promovendi. She now has the right to act as Supervisor within our faculty.

Socializing Science is looking for interesting blogs of our PhD candidates. Would you like to practice your popular science writing skills and share your experiences with others, then write 500-1000 words on one of the following topics: 

Your ideas about or experience with:
•    PhD careers;
•    Presenting (e.g. during the PhD Day, conferences, etc.);
•    A topic related to a course you participated in;
•    Fieldwork/data collection

How to …
•    survive the GNG procedure?
•    how to apply for funding/ a scholarship?
•    deal with being an international PhD? (Think about housing, visa, scholarship procedures, Dutch (academic) culture, etc.)
•    deal with the ethics commission?

Other brilliant ideas are very welcome too!
Have a look at the Socializing Science manual before you start writing. Send an e-mail to Socializing Sciences if you have any questions.

After a successful pilot with FSS and International Office, International Office will organize the Bridging Programme again in September. The Programme is aimed at new international PhD’s and external professional PhD’s. If you will be supervising an international and/or external PhD candidate, please contact the Graduate School.