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In order to improve the quality of PhD trajectories, the Graduate School of Social Sciences will start a half-way assessment. The Graduate School invites PhD candidates in the Faculty of Social Sciences who are about halfway through their PhD trajectory to carry out a self-monitoring risk inventory & a short meeting between the Phd candidate and one of the Graduate School Program Managers (Saskia Jans or Alexandra Filius).

It is now possible to request an E-number in order to be able to log in in Hora Finita in case a PhD candidate needs to upload his or her manuscript but does not have a valid VU-net ID anymore. Please contact the Beadle’s office if you need to do so.

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Regular breaks from working at your desk stimulates your motivation and productivity. Get out of the office and stretch your legs on the PhD lunch walk! Saskia and/or Alexandra will wait for you at the back entrance of the main building every other Thursday at 12:00. We will start on 9 January 2020. No need to sign up, you can always join!