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News - incl. Confirmed Course dates!

IO is offering Career Thursdays and Online Executive Career Coaching again for PhDs in September-November 2019. If you want to develop your skills further to help you accelerate your career, this is for you!
More information about Career Thursdays and Online Executive Career Coaching

For registrations please use these links:
Career Thursdays
Online Executive Career Coaching

- Induction Conference - Friday 4 & Saturday 5 October - for new PhD’s
- Research Integrity and Responsible Scholarship - 11, 14 & 18 October - mandatory 
- Career Orientation -  16 & 30 October
- How to Publish and Write Journal Articles - 22 October & 12 November
- Data Management Plan - 24 October - mandatory(note: this used to be part of the course ‘Research Integrity and Responsible Scholarship’)
- Successful Grant Writing - 7 November & 3 December 
- Increase your Impact - Data Science: Visualizations in R - 7 & 14 November, 12 December

Check out this calendar for an overview of courses and deadlines for registration here.

- Pizza session: 24 October: Fieldwork (Suzanne Verhoog, en Marina de Regt (SCA) en Rosanne Anholt (B&P)
- Writing Marathon: 15 November
- Introduction to ISR - This introduction is aimed at Research Master students, PhD candidates are invited to join. 2 October 15:30 in OZW 7B03

• A. Honari, Online and offline political participation under repression: Iranian Green Movement supporters between two elections, 2009-2013 on 17 September, 11:45,  Aula
• J.P. Kalkman, Focus on the frontline on 2 October, 13:45, Aula
• C.J. Billedo, Never too far away?: The Roles of Social Network Sites in Sojourners' Adjustment on 25 October, 11:45, Aula

Dian van Huijstee
•    Research topic: Continued influence effect of misinformation
•    Supervision team: Prof. dr. P. Kerkhof and dr. I. E. Vermeulen


Mickey Steijaert
•    Research topic: Political communication: political identities, political (voting) behavior and media
•    Intended supervisors: Dr. Wouter van Atteveldt, dr. Mariken van der Velden, and dr. Kasper Welbers 


We congratulate Ida Sabelis (ORG) on obtaining Ius Promovendi. She now has the right to act as Supervisor within our faculty.

•    NEW: Blog by Rosanne Anholt online! ‘The Myth of the Ivory Tower’
•    NEW: relevant overview of junior position vacancies on the Socializing Science blog.

Socializing Science is looking for interesting blogs of our PhD candidates. Would you like to practice your popular science writing skills and share your experiences with others, then write 500-1000 words on one of the following topics: 

Your ideas about or experience with:
•    PhD careers;
•    Presenting (e.g. during the PhD Day, conferences, etc.);
•    A topic related to a course you participated in;
•    Fieldwork/data collection

How to …
•    survive the GNG procedure?
•    how to apply for funding/ a scholarship?
•    deal with being an international PhD? (Think about housing, visa, scholarship procedures, Dutch (academic) culture, etc.)
•    deal with the ethics commission?

Other brilliant ideas are very welcome too!
Have a look at the Socializing Science manual before you start writing. Send an e-mail to Socializing Sciences if you have any questions.