In the spotlight

The research conducted at the Faculty of Social Sciences at VU University Amsterdam emphasizes the Faculty's character: it is socially engaged, responsible, entrepreneurial and innovative. Discover what we do in each of several socially significant themes.

The Graduate School of Social Sciences

The Graduate School of Social Sciences at VU University Amsterdam, VU-GSSS, brings PhD candidates and Master of Research students together with established researchers and teachers at the faculty in one learning community, to benefit all through their enhanced collaboration and shared dialogue.

Institute for Societal Resilience

A research programme on resilient society should improve our understanding of the fundamental problems facing societies and how to address them by societal organizations and public organizations (resilient governance).

Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Read more about current and past research programmes from all the Social Sciences Departments.

Interfaculty research

When scientists get together and engage in debate, the result is new and revitalized concepts and methodologies. Interdisciplinarry collaboration is the idea behind this dictum of VU University Amsterdam, who established interfaculty research institutes in order to stimulate interdisciplinaire cooperation between its faculties.