Care and welfare in a resilient society

Bianca Beersma
Which factors within care and welfare are important to individual resilience? How do organizations deal with the effects of arrangements for healthcare and social security? Which public policy contributes to individual and community resilience in forms of formal and informal participation?
Bianca Beersma, Theme leader ‘Care and Welfare in a resilient society’

Societal resilience within the domain of care and welfare is threatened by a number of factors. Our corporate social fabric is under pressure due to an increase of people in need as a result of aging, migration, and increased poverty. The range of assistance and care is under pressure and the government is moving more towards self-reliance. How to achieve a social structure that preserves a high level of social solidarity and equal opportunities for social participation?

New technologies in healthcare

Within the theme Care and welfare we examine the conditions under which people can be successful in formal and informal forms of participation. To what extent are differences in opportunities in education, labor market participation, political and social participation of influence? And what is the impact on health, well-being and quality of life? Another focus concerns the use of new technologies (e.g. robots in health care) and the efforts of volunteers from local organizations. We also look at the efforts of employers and the extent to which they make the labor market participation of specific groups, such as elderly and disabled, possible. Finally, we examine which social policies enable individuals and societies to cope with social risks.

Relevant research questions

  • Individual differences in employment, education, social and political participation, informal care; under which individual and social conditions do citizens succeed to achieve formal and informal forms of participation?
  • What are the effects of new forms of institutional arrangements with regard to the labor market, healthcare and social security?
  • How can new governance structures and organizational forms contribute to health and welfare with a balanced division of responsibilities, financial systems and partnerships between government, the market, civil society and citizens?


Bianca Beersma, Theme leader ‘Care and Welfare in a resilient society’