Resilience through Communication, Organization, and Interconnectedness

Tilo Hartmann"New media technologies are changing the world, our society is increasingly becoming a network society and our dependence on media is increasing. Does this process have a positive or damaging effect on our resilience? And how can we use new media technologies to enhance our resilience?"

Tilo Hartmann, theme leader Resilience through communication, organization and 'interconnectedness'

Society is developing more and more into a network society, and new technologies and new media have brought about major changes in communication and organizational processes. Interconnectedness, or interactions between individuals, groups and organizations, effectively contributes to societal resilience. Furthermore, "resilient interconnectedness" gives people the ability to effectively deal with (sometimes abrupt) social change.

Within the theme of interconnectedness, we focus on the impact of new media technologies, such as the Internet and social media, have on interconnectedness. Do society and individuals benefit from these new media technologies or are they actually damaging? And can new media technologies be used to achieve desired social goals, such as creating a better understanding of the world or more mutual trust?

Relevant research questions

  • What influence do the Internet and emerging technologies have on individuals, organizations and society? How does communication change and the way we form relationships?
  • What does it mean for the resilience of society if we revert increasingly to online networks and virtual media?
  • How do existing organizations and organizational processes change as a result of new media technologies and new forms of interconnectedness?


Tilo Hartmann, theme leader Resilience through Communication, Organization and Interconnectedness.