Interfaculty research

When scientists get together and engage in debate, the result is new and revitalized concepts and methodologies. Interdisciplinarry collaboration is the idea behind this dictum of VU University Amsterdam, who established interfaculty research institutes in order to stimulate interdisciplinaire cooperation between its faculties. The Faculty of Social Sciences recognizes these efforts and participates when research themes from other faculties mesh with social science-specific research.

Interfaculty research institutes

  • CLUE - Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment (in Dutch)
    CLUE is a centre of expertise on urban and rural herritage in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. The centre focuses on the economic, cultural and academic dimensions of cultural heritage.
  • NI - Network Institute
    The Network Institute studies the technological, economic, social and communicative aspects of networks. Organisation and communication scientists take part in the institute.
  • A-LAB
    A-LAB conducts research in the field of criminology. Sociologists take part in the institute's research projects.
  • Talma Institute for the Study of Work, Care and Welfare
    The Talma Institute studies the effects of care, educational, and social security policies on the economic growth, labour participation, and the level of social protection and cohesion in society. The Department of Sociology hosts the institutes' board. Others social scientists - sociologists, political and organisation scientists, and scholars in governance - contribute to the institute.

Informal research cooperations within VU University Amsterdam

  • ACE@VU - Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship at VU (in Dutch)
    ACE’s mission is to improve the climate for entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam region by stimulating entrepreneurship and enterprising behaviour among students in Amsterdam and by conducting research that contributes to successful entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.
  • Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI)
    ABRI is both a research institute and a center for doctoral education. It covers a wide variety of business topics, with a central role for the topic connectivity.
  • CPVW - Center for the Study of Police, Security and Safety (in Dutch)
    On the campus of VU University Amsterdam various faculties and research groups join in the CPVW for research and education about the police, security and safety.
  • CVO - Center for Research on Aging
    The Center for Research on Aging is a working group on research and education in gerontology and geriatrics at the Vrije Universiteit and VU University medical center in Amsterdam.
  • Desmond Tutu Programme
    With five Desmond Tutu chairs at different faculties VU University Amsterdam aims to work together with its South African partners in a spirit of international academic cooperation, while at the same time contributing to issues of capacity building at campuses in South Africa.
  • Hollenweger Center
    The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology particpates with the Faculty of Theology and the Azusa Theological Seminary in the Hollenweger Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movements.
  • LASA - Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam
    The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) at the VU University and VU University Medical Centre wishes to determine predictors and consequences of ageing, therebby focusing on physical, emotional, cognitive and social functioning in late life, the connections between these aspects, and the changes that occur in the course of time.
  • MDC- Migration and Diversity Centre 
    The Migration and Diversity Centre is a collaboration between almost 50 researchers of the Faculties of Law, Social Sciences and Arts at VU University Amsterdam. In its framework seminars and lectures are organized, and joint research projects are undertaken.
  • Religion and Civil Society
    The network Religion and Civil Society was established in 2009 as an interuniversity and interdisciplinairy platform for knowledge exchange about the role of religion in society.