Political Science

Multilayered governance in Europe and beyond

Bringing together researchers from various sub-disciplinary backgrounds – comparative politics and international relations in particular – the central idea of the research in Political Science is that politics cannot be studied purely at a national or international level anymore. Instead, national and international politics and policies have become increasingly intertwined and form systems of multi-layered or multi-level governance.

The research programme ‘Multilayered governance in Europe and beyond’ therefore examines the emergence of multilayered forms of governance in the EU and beyond (regional, national, international, transnational) with a special attention to the changing role of power and politics.

Programme leader: Prof.dr. Henk Overbeek

Citizen’s initiatives in war situations

Citizen’s initiatives in war situations is a thematic programme group within the Political Science research programme.


  • Profs. Gary Marks en Liesbet Hooghe received an Advanced ERC grant  ’Causes and Consequences of Multilevel Governance’  including the funding of four PhD students and a Postdoc, which relieves them of other obligations for four years
  • The Global Earth System Governance Project, a newly launched ten-year research programme under the auspices of the UN (Prof. Frank Biermann, Dr. Philipp Pattberg).
  • Open competition NWO grants ‘Senior Commission Officials’ Role Perceptions in a Changing Europe’ (Hooghe, Crum); Rehabilitation or Retribution? Cultures of Control and Policies vis-à-vis Renegade States (Wagner, Werner)
  • Prof. Barbara Vis VENI grant (NWO): ‘Politics of Risk-Taking: What Drives Governments’ Decision-Making in Welfare State Reform?’
  • Prof. Henk Overbeek: Global Subprime Crisis, EU: COST 3, Networking activities
  • GAK funding of PhD position and a postdoc
  • Prof. Marlies Glasius's Chair is financed by the IKV (Interkerkelijk Vredesberaad) and VU Amsterdam.


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