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Holi 2013, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands

Migration, Development and Citizenship: examining the nexus between the arrangement of migrant lives and (Global/National) political and economic regimes

25-26 June

This final conference sought to explore questions concerning the nexus between the personal lives of migrants and (Global/National political and economic regimes). What are the implications of diverse policy attitudes towards migrants’ senses of belonging? Can migrant (private or collective) resources be put to the service of development? What are the uneven reciprocities between migrants and their transnational families? What development (social-cultural, economic, political) can different migrants bring to both countries of origin and destination? In particular, how do skilled migrants evaluate their contributions to development in their communities at home and in the host country? What are the implications for (formal and) active citizenship?

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Upcoming lecture by Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen ''Boat refugees in the Mediterranean: An anthropological perspective on the global situation''

25 June 16:00

Eriksen lecture


Upcoming Conference ''Samosas and Kroketten: An afternoon of presentations and discussion on Indian Migration to Holland and remigration to India''

27 June 13:30 - 18:30      


Migration, Development and Conflict final conference

1 March 2015

NWO-WOTRO conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference paper is titled: "Flexible Citizenship: Dutch Migration and Naturalization policies  and the citizenship of Indian High-Skilled Migrants".


Presentation The Hague

28 July 2014

Presentation by Dr. Ratnakar Tripathy & Dr. Kate Kirk at the Leiden University Campus in The Hague.


Conference 'ECSAS'

23-26 July 2014

European Conference on South Asian Studies at the University of Zurich.


Mid-Term Meeting

27th - 29th of January 2014

On 27, 28 and 29 January 2013 the Midterm Meeting of the NWO research programme Migration, Development and Conflict will be held at the Centre for Study of Indian Diaspora of the University of Hyderabad, India. An organising committee has been appointed that will be responsible for preparing the midterm meeting.


Paper presentation by Dr. Kathinka Sinha-Kerkhoff

10-11th January 2014

International Conference on Women in the Indian Diaspora organised by Organisation for Diaspora Initiave - Women Network (ODIWNET) in collaborations with India International Centre (IIC) & CAS - Jawaharlal Nehru University on 10-11th January 2014 at IIC.


Symposium: Role of Indian Diaspora in Development

12th of October 2013

This symposium was organized jointly by two research groups funded by the WOTRO Science for Global Development/Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO):

  • ‘Provincial Globalisation: The impact of reverse transnational flows in India’s regional towns’, based at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore.
  • ‘Migration, Development, and Citizenship: Notions of belonging and civic engagement among Indian (knowledge-) migrants in the Netherlands and return migrants in India’, based at the VU University Amsterdam.

Both projects are concerned with the ways in which transnational migrants and members of the Indian diaspora contribute to changes in India, through remittances, investments and charitable donations, as well as by transmitting new ideas, cultural orientations and social aspirations. Over the last decade, the Indian and Dutch Governments have developed policies in order to tap into the potential economic growth spawned by successful Indian migrants. We are thus interested in the relationship between such policies on the one hand, and migrants’ notions of belonging and engagement in both host and sending country. What is the role of the Indian diaspora in the economic, social and political development in India (and in the Netherlands)?

This symposium brought academic and policy experts in the field of Indian migration together with a select group of successful and experienced Indian migrants, in order to share ideas and gain new perspectives. We shared some of our research findings with you and obtain feedback on the focus of our research.

We enjoyed lively discussions and the establishment of meaningful new relationships between those involved in both Indian migration and development.


Independence Day Celebration

24th of August, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Organized by Hoofddorp Indians Events.


Film screening 'Living like a common man' and discussion led by Dr. Mario Rutten

23rd of May, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Organized by Dr. Kate Kirk and Dr. Ellen Bal together with the Hoofddorp India Events team.


Presentation the conference paper at symposium ‘Regulating transnational work and family in times of crisis’

18-19th of April 2013, VU, Amsterdam

Dr. Ellen Bal, Dr. Kate Kirk and Sarah Janssen present the conference paper:
‘Living on a Threshold: the Liminal experience of Home among Indian High-Skilled Bachelor Migrants in Amsterdam’.


Film screening ‘Living like a Common Man’ and discussion led by Dr. Mario Rutten

5th of April 2013, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Organized by Dr. Kate Kirk, Dr. Ellen Bal and Sarah Janssen. The screening was held for the informants who participated in the research conducted by Sarah Janssen.


Kick-off Meeting

October 2013

Kick off Meeting in Calcutta.