National and International co-operation

‘Internationalisation’ comes natural to anthropology. All staff members have excellent working relations in the countries of their research. Staff members are closely involved in the Faculty’s co-operation programmes (‘Paolo Freire Programme’ with Brazilian universities; SAVUSA with South African universities; and SEAVU with Southeast Asian universities), and many are active in international professional associations (anthropology, area studies).

Regarding human security, members in CONSEC are increasingly active in national and international networks linking research, teaching and policy analysis (University of Oslo, Peace research Institute of Oslo, Oxford University, Tromsø University, ISS).

Nationally, the department plays a –modest– part in the CERES PhD training and yearly Summer Schools, and there are many informal, individual contacts between scholars sharing thematic or regional interests.  The department is represented in the national organisation promoting the interests of anthropologists and anthropology ABv, participates in some interuniversity master-courses, and obtains its share in the yearly allocation of PhD-, travel- and other (national) grants.
The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology participates in the interfaculty  Hollenweger Center for Pentecostal Studies. The Hollenweger Center provides resources for and supports the interdisciplinary research of Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity on a worldwide scale.

Hollenweger Center
European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism
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