Academic reputation

Several member of the IDI group are often invited guests on national level (for example by ministries and municipalities) and have participated in different societal podia and media about their research (for example Keuzenkamp at NOS, about gay and bisexuals in the Netherland). Saharso and Ghorashi were invited for the conference Integrating Cities, organized by the municipality of Amsterdam. Ghorashi also provided the alternative state of address (‘alternatieve troonrede’) of 2012 in Nijmegen. Davis is frequently invited to give keynote lectures in the US and Europe. Her most recent lecture was the keynote at Jahrestagung der Sektion Biografphieforschung in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, ’Biographie und Diskurs‘ in Kassel, Germany. Crul recently spoke for the American think tank MPI and was recently awarded a distinguished visiting professorship at the City University in New York.

Diverse projects within IDI are funded through high academic competitions from: EU (Saharso: STREP, EC 6); NWO (Nencel, Saharso), ZonMw (Keuzenkamp & Broese); VSB fonds (Ghorashi); Ministry of Justice (Ghorashi); Individual ERC Grant, Ministry of Social and Economic Affairs  (Crul). Saharso also received funding from NWO to start an open access academic journal: Comparative Migration Studies. Davis is co-editor of the European Journal of Women’s Studies.  She has been invited as guest professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna in 2014.