9th CIARG International Conference

05-09-2014 | 07-09-2014

VU University Amsterdam

Engaging stakeholders through authentic and distinctive corporate identities

Confirmed keynote speaker: Sankar Sen (Baruch College/CUNY)

Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen

Sociale wetenschappen

Congres / Symposium

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5-7 September next, the Department of Communication Science (FSW) will organize the 9th CIARG meeting together with the Department of Management and Organisation (FEWEB). During these three days experienced scholars and new high potentials will discuss topics on (corporate) identity, stakeholder theory and organizational behaviour.
CIARG (Corporate Identity / Associations Research Group) was created to unite leading theorists, researchers, and practitioners interested in understanding “the managerial choices and actions involved in corporate identity formation and communication, and the resulting interpretations and reactions of individual, group, and societal constituents” (Dacin & Brown 2006, p.95). Building on past CIARG gatherings, the conference is designed to provide a forum for pioneering research on corporate identity and corporate associations, where scholars share their best ideas and receive thoughtful, constructive feedback from other experts. Projects might involve literature reviews, conceptual development, or empirical work.

Several prominent international scholars in the area of organizational identification, corporate social responsibility, and organizational behaviour will attend the meeting (e.g Prof. Sankar Sen, Prof. Tom Brown, Prof. Peter Dacin and Prof. C.B. Bhattacharya).

If you are interested, you are welcome to visit one of the sessions on Saturday and Sunday 6-7 September. For more information please contact Dr. Jos Bartels (j.bartels@vu.nl).