AALS - Religion, politics and culture in contemporary Brazil


16.00 - 17.30

Room HG 02A24 (Main building), Vrije Universiteit

AALS - Religion, politics and culture in contemporary Brazil

Carly Machado (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio Janeiro)

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The lecture is about the changing relations between the Catholics and the evangelicals in Brazil. This will be discussed with regards to the presence of evangelical references, demands and disputes in Brazilian public sphere and the influence it has had on political and cultural arenas in Brazil.

The focus of this lecture will be the role of media initiatives in the composition of this scenario, and the issue of the scale of political action that relates religion and culture on the ground.

Anyone who is interested can attend this lecture. You don’t have to sign up, but there will be a Facebook page for this particular event.  This is a public lecture with no costs.

There will be drinks afterwards.