IOVIS Lecture: Psychosocial Consequences of war-related Trauma


16:00hr, walk-in with coffee from 15.30

VU, WN-C629

IOVIS Lecture: Psychosocial Consequences of war-related Trauma

Marit Sijbrandij

Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen

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Following large-scale adversities, such as the recent conflict in Syria, individuals and communities are at risk for experiencing long-term negative psychological consequences.
Studies in populations exposed to humanitarian crises, show that prevalence rates of common mental disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression are twice as high compared to populations not exposed. Recent studies have shown that the effects of trauma exposure may persist across generations, and may promote the cycle of violence.

In this lecture, Marit Sijbrandij will provide an overview of factors contributing to mental health symptoms following adversities. In addition, she will focus on effective interventions to strengthen communities affected by war. Specific focus will be on the implementation of the scalable task-sharing interventions for Syrian refugees. 

Marit Sijbrandij is associate professor in Clinical Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and coördinator of the Horizon 2020 STRENGTHS Project on the upscaling of psychological interventions with Syrian Refugees.