Dr. Leonie Heres wins Van Poelje prijs 2014

On November 5, Dr. Leonie Heres won the Van Poelje award 2014. Each year, the award is given to the author of the best dissertation in Public administration.

06-11-2015 | 10:50

Leonie HeresLeonie Heres' dissertation ‘One Style Fits All? Ethical Leadership Through the Eyes of Followers’ builds on extant research in the field of ethical leadership. Yet the approach in the dissertation differs from most studies on ethical leadership by focusing on the perspective of followers rather than the attributes and behavior of the leader itself. Accordingly, the aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of the role of followers in the constitution and development of ethical leadership. To do so, Leonie examines which assumptions, beliefs, and expectations followers have of ethical leadership and its origins. The research also looks into the effect that these so-called ‘implicit theories’ of ethical leadership have on employees’ perception and evaluation of the ethical leadership of their own manager.

The main research question is: What do followers expect of ethical leadership, how is this related to the structural characteristics of their work environment and to what extent does it affect their perception of the ethical leadership behaviors they observe?

An international reading committee reviewed the dissertation, with many positive and encouraging responses:

It is an accomplished piece of research, which has been well written up. It shows substantial evidence of scholarship, high quality research and it shows originality and critical thinking and analysis. It has clear research questions which are examined rigorously.”  (Prof. Hartley)

Leonie Heres was supervised by Leo Huberts and Karin Lasthuizen (Public Administration and Political Science, VU University).

Read the jury report (in Dutch).