Honours Programme FSW

Are you an excellent student? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Take on an extra challenge by joining the Honours Programme! By joining this programme you will get access to specially designed courses that will broaden your perspective. The programme offers an excellent opportunity to prepare for scientific research within the faculty. When you succesfully complete all parts of the programme, you will receive a Bachelor Honours’ Degree.

In short
Ambitious students who perform above average during the first year of their studies are eligible for the Honours Programme. The programme consists of additional courses (a total of 30 ECTS) of which 18 ECTS are courses open to all Honours students at the VU and 12 ECTS are course specific to the Faculty of Social Sciences. The latter are meant to deepen your knowledge within your own field of study.

Would you like more information to decide whether the Honours Programme fits your needs? Please contact Jitske van der Kooi of the FSS Education Office.

Ronde fot PelinPelin Zenginoglu - Honours Programme student

The HP gave me a lot of insights in other fields of the academic world, which enriched my way of thinking and doing research. To give an example: I learned new ways of doing field work, by going on a field trip to Istanbul and working on this for five days straight. This skill I used for one of my regular courses where I had to do observatory field work again".