Margo van Kemenade

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+31 20 59 81522
faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling communicatiewetenschap )
Selemca Promovenda

I’m a sociologist and I work for Inholland were I’m a projectmanager on the Health-Lab project ( section Education.  My main goal is to prep the curricula of upcoming healthcare workers in a way that these programs are more up to date to face the problems of aging by using technology.
I also work for the department of Mechanical Engineering and Electro Mechanical Engineering were I try to establish a research-component in the study program for both disciplines and teach ethics for technologists.
Two days a week I work as a PhD candidate within the SELEMCA-project ).  This project focuses on the use of technology (e.g., robots, virtual agents, etc.) in health care. Specifically, I am interested in ethics concerning the use of this type of technology.  My research will focus on moral concerns using ethical caredroids